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Global schools through languages


Technology is driving rapid change and creating new ways of doing business no longer bound by borders. Our schools play a key role in setting our students up to engage in the opportunities of a connected and global economy. We are helping students to become global citizens by building their confidence to interact with other cultures and communicate in other languages, with a focus on Asian languages.

Key highlights to be progressed include:

  • expanding the study of culture and languages from Prep to Year 12 in state schools with a focus on Asian languages
  • developing new ways of teaching languages including using technology
  • marketing Queensland’s education sector internationally.

To learn more about our exciting initiatives, view the Advancing education action plan.​​

To learn more about Global schools through languages, view the animation and supporting plan.

Ideas into action

We have already begun putting some of these ideas into action...

Opportunities for every child

​Japanese Bilingual program

Queensland’s first primary Japanese Bilingual program began in 2014 with 75 Year One students at Wellers Hill State School.

The children are taught in English 50 per cent of the day and in Japanese 50 per cent of the day, based on the philosophy of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). CLIL takes place in the normal classroom while students learn about science, history or maths, however the teacher presents the topics in a language other than English. Students can use both English and the second language to speak to the teacher, but the use of the second language is encouraged.

This program will continue to be implemented across all year levels by 2020.


Last updated
22 November 2016