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Investing in schools


Making sure that schools are providing an inspiring and well maintained environment is essential to the success and wellbeing of our students. That’s why we are committed to supporting schools to deliver quality learning experiences in each classroom. We are also committed to sharing innovation and reflecting on our current practices to see where we can improve.

Key highlights to be progressed include:

  • developing models for resourcing state schools based on need
  • boosting maintenance funding and introducing an efficient school maintenance system for state schools
  • better integrating planning for new schools and the redevelopment and maintenance of existing facilities.

To learn more about our exciting initiatives, view the Advancing education action plan.

Ideas into action

We have already begun putting some of these ideas into action...

Improving school performance

Improving school performance

Collegial collaboration partnered with accountability is a feature of the School Improvement Unit as they work with schools to improve school performance and improve outcomes for students.

The reviews are an opportunity for the whole school community - staff, parents, students and community members - to provide feedback on how the school is helping students achieve quality outcomes.

Three experienced principals visited Eatons Hill State School as part of a recent review and spent time looking at the school's performance data and National School Improvement Tool. This included open discussions with school leaders, teachers and other staff about what they were trying to achieve as a school.

The review validated many practices at Eatons Hill State School and provided staff with expert advice about future improvement. Staff members appreciated the opportunity for feedback and professional conversations with the review team, as they worked together to support the school's ongoing improvement agenda.​

Last updated
15 October 2015