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Youth engagement

As a community, we want every young person to reach their potential. We know that a positive experience in the education system from early childhood to young adulthood is associated with positive outcomes in almost every facet of life. Understanding the complexities facing young people, and giving them the right conditions in which to flourish, forms the foundation of our commitment to making sure every child succeeds.

Youth engagement project

As part of our commitment, the Youth engagement project is implementing a number of initiatives to maximise the engagement and re-engagement of young people in Queensland.

Watch this animation for a quick overview of the project.

Youth engagement alliance

We are also collaborating with other agencies and organisations to ensure every young person receives the support they need to engage or re-engage with education, training or employment.

The youth engagement alliance brings together key government agencies and education partners to co-design innovative and holistic responses to support vulnerable young Queenslanders to succeed.

For a quick overview of the Alliance, and how it can support your work read the youth engagement alliance information sheet (PDF, 74KB).

Our commitment

Supporting our young people through strong connections and early responses to provide the right conditions for them to succeed.

Youth engagement alliance

Working together with key government agencies and our educational partners to develop innovative and collaborative solutions to youth disengagement.

Supporting engagement

Working with schools and communities to support young people to stay engaged in their learning so they can fulfil their potential.

Promoting retention

Providing inclusive, safe, supportive and connected learning environments that respond to the unique needs of young people, including those at risk of disengaging.

Planning beyond school

Helping young people manage the transition from school to further education, training or employment to set them up for success.

Contact us

Our Youth Engagement Officers, located across Queensland, are committed to helping every young Queenslander to succeed.

Last updated
17 October 2018