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Youth engagement

Our commitment

The Queensland Government is committed to improving educational outcomes for all children and young people enrolled in Queensland's state schools. We know that becoming a successful learner is essential for the future success of every young Queenslander. A good education is linked to positive outcomes in almost every part of life – employment opportunities, income, health, family and community participation. When children and young people disengage from learning, the cost for our economy, community and for our students is too high.

Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland sets out our commitment to delivering a world-class education to every student. We are delivering on this commitment by developing contemporary learning environments, supporting our teachers to deliver high quality instruction in every classroom, developing relevant and engaging curriculum, and promoting inclusive practices.

Student engagement refers to the extent to which a student is involved in their learning which can be observed through their degree of immersion in learning, curiosity, participation, perseverance and enthusiasm for learning. Engagement influences a student's motivation to learn and their commitment to their education. In a broader sense, student engagement also includes the extent to which schools involve students in the governance and decision-making in the school. 

Fredericks, Blumenfeld and Paris (2004) conceptualised student engagement across the following three domains:

  • Emotional engagement – liking school and sense of belonging
  • Behavioural engagement – participating in learning activities including assessment, following school rules, involvement in school activities
  • Cognitive engagement – commitment, interest and enthusiasm for learning

More information

Fredericks, J. A., Blumenfeld, P. C. & Paris, A. H. (2004). School engagement: potential of the concept, state of the evidence. Review of Educational Research, 74 (1), 59-109.

Youth Engagement Plan

The Department of Education and Training has released the Youth Engagement Plan to improve engagement in learning for all children and young people in Queensland. The scope of the Plan extends from the early years through to school completion and will deliver:

  • more young people completing Year 12 or equivalent
  • improved identification of at-risk students and early action to get their learning back on track
  • better information about engagement and re-engagement for children, young people, parents, schools, training organisations and the community.

Advancing Education Consultation Report

View the Youth Engagement Plan (PDF, 2.4MB)

Last updated
15 May 2017