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Collaboration through the Youth Engagement Alliance

Re-engagement is a shared responsibility. There are some issues where agencies are more likely to achieve success together, including lifting outcomes for Aboriginal students and Torres Strait Islander students, students in out-of-home care, students in the youth justice system, young people in disengagement ‘hot spots’ across Queensland, and students who are disengaged due to mental health issues, domestic violence and homelessness.

We have established a Youth Engagement Alliance to partner in our efforts to improve the re-engagement of young Queenslanders in education, training or employment. Alliance members include senior representatives from:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Queensland Health
  • Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs
  • Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
  • Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Queensland Family and Child Commission.

Collaboration toolkit

A core component of the Youth Engagement Alliance’s work is supporting and enhancing collaborative approaches to engaging vulnerable and disengaged young people with education, training or employment. Since 2017, the Youth Engagement Alliance has developed a range of resources and guidance to support collaborative responses at the local level. The collaboration toolkit (PDF, 196KB) outlines and links to each of these resources and is a valuable tool for sharing with frontline staff and colleagues.

Download and share the collaboration toolkit (PDF, 196KB).

Our pledge

Key Queensland Government departments and their partners have made a pledge to work together to ensure that every child and young person is equipped with the tools and support they need to succeed professionally and personally. This pledge forms the foundation of the work of the Alliance in its aim to ensure every Queensland child succeeds.

Read our Pledge to young people (PDF, 608KB).

Inter-agency collaboration guide

The inter-agency collaboration guide helps Queensland Government officers work together to support young people in fulfilling their potential. The handbook provides a framework to work within, plus ideas and tools that officers can use to incorporate best practice in their collaborations with other agencies. The guide also presents examples of how agencies have worked together to achieve success and relates stories from young people that offer insights from their perspective.

Download the Inter-agency collaboration guide (PDF, 2.9MB).

Collaboration in practice

Collaboration in practice graphic  

It takes a collaborative, holistic effort to provide meaningful support and services to help young people re-engage in meaningful education pathways. Developed by the Youth Engagement Alliance, this suite of videos showcase examples of collaboration in practice, demonstrating how government agencies are able to work together in supporting young Queenslanders.

Information sharing charter

The information sharing charter supports Queensland Government officers to make informed decisions about sharing information that supports young people to engage or re-engage with education, training or employment.

The charter breaks downs some of the myths and barriers associated with sharing personal information, outlines the privacy and confidentiality frameworks officers must work within, and provides a suite of practical tools to support improved and consistent information sharing practice across the state.

The information sharing charter in conjunction with the inter-agency collaboration guide will improve our collective ability to provide holistic support services to young Queenslanders.

Download the Information sharing charter (PDF, 2.6MB).

Youth Engagement Service Mapping

The Youth Engagement Service Mapping provides a point-in-time overview of youth engagement services and resources available at the local level. The maps may assist frontline staff to understand the range, scale and location of resources and initiatives in their local area to support vulnerable or disengaged young people.

Download the Youth Engagement Service Mapping (PDF, 3.7MB).

Compendium of Networks

The Compendium of Networks provides a point-in-time overview of the collaborative networks which can be utilisted to support at-risk and disengaged young people across Queensland. The Compendium focuses explicitly on networks that have education outcomes as a focus of their work and supports frontline staff to better understand the range of relevant networks and connections available to them in their local area.

Download the Compendium of Networks (PDF, 1.2MB)​.​​

More information

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Last updated 22 February 2022